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The USDMiner token is designed to be scarcer over time because of its Buy Back and Burn mechanisms. It is a HYPER DEFLATIONARY token, which means the longer you hold, the more valuable it becomes.

The strategic Buy Back and Burn mechanisms constantly reduces the circulating supply, hence driving regularly the price up. Moreover, with less circulating supply, a higher share of USD auto rewards is paid to you.


BUY TAX (10% Total)

5% in USDT auto-rewards to be shared among all holders
2% Buyback and Burn
2% Marketing and utilities development
1% Liquidity Pool

SELL TAX (18% Total)

9% in USDT auto-rewards to be shared among all holders
4% Buyback and Burn
4% Marketing and utilities development
1% Liquidity Pool

Best in Class

Ranked right along the top USDT rewarding tokens


Max wallet size is 3.9%

LP Lock

Locked liquidity before launch

Sky High MC

We're targetting $300,000 USD Market Cap to be achieved within the first 2 days and up to $1,000,000 USD within the first month.

A gem around the corner

In the USDMiner midterm roadmap, we’ll also be launching a series of utilities and real use-case platforms to generate various sources of revenue. These revenue streams will be used to further enhance the ecosystem.


These continuous loops of positive price action will reward you greatly in terms of return on investment!


A fair launch (like this one) means the contract address will be released to the public at a specified date and time. Giving everyone an equal opportunity to buy the token.

At launch, USDMiner will be available only at PancakeSwap

Please refer to the video posted below this FAQ

You’ll rarely hear this from any other token but we actually recommend not to rush in immediatly if you don’t feel 100% confident. Wait for the contract address to be posted, check everything’s ok with the liquidity lock and the smart contract source code and only then… Jump in!
We strive to be absolutely transparent in everything we do.

100 Trillion Tokens

Initial liquidity will be around 3BNB

Yes. The liquidity will be locked before launch and until mid 2022. Proof will be provided at launch along with the contract address.

We recommend you try initially with 11% for Buys and 20% for Sells. Adjust accordingly if needed.

USDT Rewards will be paid automatically depending on market volume (minutes to hours).